We Started The Crewe Cup
with one goal in mind

We started the Crewe Cup with one goal in mind, to create the best golf experience possible. The Crewe Cup is an annual event with success measured by its ability to strengthen relationships, curate new experiences, create camaraderie through competition, while increasing philanthropy. We knew that if we could create an incredible experience, we could attract the right people to bring awareness and financial support to charities that help children and young people. As golf enthusiasts, we wanted to start a tournament that we would want to play in. We invite centers of influence who share a love of the game of golf and a passion for philanthropy. The Crewe Cup has become the premier amateur match-play golf tournament in the world. We’re grateful for the support of so many great people and companies and proud of the good that has come as a result.

Profits from the Crewe Cup are donated to charity.

Mike Bennett



Upon accepting the invitation to play in the Crewe Cup, players are entered into the tournament roster. Crewe Cup captains then meet together to choose players from the field one by one until their respective team is filled. After team selection, the captains from each team meet to set competitive matches resulting in the “Pairings”. After the first round of the tournament and before the second round, the two captains, their respective vice captains, and a Crewe Cup official use the scores from the first day to set the matches for the second day. This process will be repeated for the subsequent pairings. Pairings are subject to change and are not considered final until play begins for a particular match.

*Matches are not handicapped. However, Captains consider player handicaps when making pairings.


Match Play

Each 18-hole match is played as a different form of match play. Opponents play not for score, but to win each hole independently. The lowest score on each hole will receive one point. The match is over when one player or team is up more holes over his opponent than there are holes left to play.​

Point System

Unlike stroke play, in which the unit of scoring is the total number of strokes taken over one or more rounds of golf, match play scoring consists of individual holes won, halved, or lost. On each hole, the most that can be gained is one point. Golfers play as normal, counting the strokes taken on a given hole. The golfer with the lowest score on a given hole receives one point. If the golfers tie, then the hole is halved and no points are awarded. There are no “carry-overs” if a hole is halved. The golfer with the most points at the end of 18 holes wins the match. The team with the most match wins at the end of the tournament wins the Crewe Cup.


The Cup

A Crewe Cup is awarded to each player on the winning team. In 2019, after eight years of using the same trophy, the board of directors decided to improve the Cup by working with a family company that has manufactured many of the world’s most famous awards. Their experience has been built over five generations, dating back to 1898, truly standing the test of time. The Crewe Cup is now uniquely designed, created, and manufactured by hand using only the finest materials. Crewe Cup Champions have preferred playing rights to future tournaments. Only those who have won a Crewe Cup are permitted to invite non Crewe Cup champions to compete in future Crewe Cup tournaments (pending board approval).

The Champions Jacket

Each Crewe Cup Champion is measured for their Crewe Cup Champions Jacket by fine clothing maker, Beckett & Rob. The Crewe Cup Champions Jacket is custom built for every Champion. The Champions Jacket resembles the golfer’s induction into the exclusive club of Crewe Cup Champions. The Jacket insures a seat at the Champions Table at each Crewe Cup Champions Dinner.

The Grenade

'NO GRENADES,' is a mantra that has been used at the Crewe Cup since its inception. A Crewe Cup 'Grenade' is a player who 'blew it' for their team with poor play during tournament play. The Captain on the losing team selects which recipients will receive this recognition of poor performance. It is a good-natured way to recognize a player that completely 'bombed.' Its all-in good fun, but at the same time, serves as a great motivator to play well.

The Jason Kidd
MVP Award

In 2018, after three days of tournament play, both teams were tied with 14 points. On the fourth and final day, September 22, with one match remaining the teams were tied with 20.5 points. The final match came down to the last hole. With all players watching, Jason Kidd made a 12-foot putt on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach to win his match, giving his team the last point available to win the 2018 Crewe Cup, 21.5 to 20.5. With the most crucial shot in tournament history, his legacy was cemented in time and the Jason Kidd Award was born. The Award is given at each subsequent Crewe Cup tournament to the player whose participation most replicates the impact of Jason Kidd’s 2018 performance. To be eligible for the Jason Kidd Award, the recipient must have played on the winning team. The team captain selects which player will receive the Award. If the vice-captains on the winning team agree that the captain should receive the Award, they have the ability give the Award to their team captain.



Cobbtown, GA

Ohoopee Match Club


Ridgeland, SC

Congaree Golf Club


Cobbtown, GA

Ohoopee Match Club


Cobbtown, GA

Ohoopee Match Club


Pinehurst, NC

Pinehurst #4
Pinehurst #8
Pinehurst #2


Monterey, CA

Monterey Penninsula Country Club
The Preserve
Pebble Beach Golf Links


Kohler, WI

Black Wolf Run - The River
Erin Hills
Whistling Straits - The Irish
Whistling Straits - The Straits


Graniteville, SC

Sage Valley Golf Club


Bandon, OR

Bandon Trails
Old MacDonald
Bandon Dunes
Pacific Dunes


Scotland, UK

Kingsbarns Golf Links
Trump International Scotland
Loch Lomond Golf Club
Gleneagles PGA Centenary Course​


Monterey, CA


Monterey Peninsula Country Club Pebble Beach Golf Links


Monterey, CA

Spyglass Hill
Pebble Beach Golf Links


Park City, UT

Victory Ranch

"The Crewe Cup is one of the best times I've had in my life. You can't beat the camaraderie and the new friendships made. Knowing we're doing it for a wonderful cause to support people doing good things in our world makes it even more special."
Barry Sternlicht
Chairman & CEO of Starwood Capital Group
“I had an incredible time at the Crewe Cup! I'm so appreciative of the opportunity to participate. The Crewe team did an outstanding job. First class all the way!”
Drew Brees
Former NFL Quarterback
“The Crewe Cup was the best competition since I've retired. The perfect blend of high-level competition, world-class golf, impactful philanthropy, and entertaining camaraderie."
Shane Battier
Former NBA Player
"The Crewe Cup was top to bottom one of the most fun experiences I've ever had. The vibe, the golf, the people, and the experience were second to none. Being able to compete in that way as a 33-year-old man was such a thrill and a trip I never knew I needed. Mad respect to Crewe Capital and what they have created with the Crewe Cup. 12/10"
Thomas Rhett
“The Crewe Cup was without a doubt the most amazing golf tournament that I have ever been a part of. Getting a chance to play at some of the top golf destinations in the world with a group of great guys while raising money for charity is unbelievable.”
Deron Williams
3x NBA All-Star
“There's no finer golf tournament anywhere! The people involved, the competition, the locations...everything is of the highest quality.”
“The Crewe Cup was the best competition since I’ve retired. The perfect blend of high-level competition, world-class golf, impactful philanthropy, and entertaining camaraderie.”
Miami Heat
“Hands down, the Crewe Cup, from top to bottom is the best golf tournament I have ever been a part of. First-class golf, first-class treatment, and first-class players. The Crewe Cup is simply the best of the best.”
NHL Hall of Fame
“The Crewe Cup was one of the best experiences of my life.”
“The Crewe Cup is amazing. Nothing better than a special group of guys in a special place playing the game we love. It does not get better than this.”
Former NBA Player
“The Crewe Cup is the most fun, prestigious, and competitive golf event I have ever participated in. The level of planning and detail are unmatched. It is perfect!”
Josh Greenstein
President of Sony Pictures
“The Crewe Cup is an unmatched golf experience. Real competition paired with real connection. Truly one of the highlights of my life in recent years. Every detail is first class.”
Shay Mooney
“The Crewe Cup is one of the best times I've had in my life. You can't beat the camaraderie and the new friendships made. Knowing we're doing it for a wonderful cause to support people doing good things in our world make it even more special."
Larry Fitzgerald Jr.
Former NFL Wide Reciever
“The Crewe Cup is a tremendous event! It brought together a great group of men that accentuated camaraderie and competition. It was an honor to have the opportunity to play in this event.”
John Elway
Former NFL Player
"The Crewe Cup is an amazing few days of competitive golf amongst a fun portfolio of golf enthusiasts. These few days will go down as the single greatest guys trip you could ever go on, combined with playing the best courses America has to offer!”
Ray Allen
NBA Hall of Fame
“A world class group of competitors, all used to winning, who are all fighting for the Crewe Cup.  Only half of them will bring a Cup home. You better bring your “A” game and don’t be a Grenade!”
JJ Dudum
Principal at Discovery Land Company
“I've played in a lot of golf tournaments over the years. This is by far the best. The best organized, the best people, the best venues, the best run golf tournament. It's just phenomenal. I can't wait for others to experience the camaraderie, the competitiveness, and the spirit of the group. All the guys are in it to win it, but they haven't forgotten about the charity and giving back. It's a one-of-a-kind tournament and I feel so blessed to be a part of it."
Dell Curry
Former NBA Player
“The Crewe Cup was one of the most fun things I've ever done. I'm extremely appreciative!"
Bear Rinehart
“The Crewe Cup was one of the most fun and competitive golf events and group of guys I have ever been a part of."
Ben Roethlisberger
Former NFL Quarterback
“What an awesome environment! Great golf, hospitality, adn even better people! Memories made!"
Mike Conley
NBA Player
“The Crewe Cup is a special experience. Raising money for children’s charities while competing is so much fun. The venues are world class, the matches are fierce, and the golf is great. However, the camaraderie and life-long friendships made are what I truly love about the Crewe Cup.”
Danny Ainge
Utah Jazz, CEO of Basketball
“The Crewe Cup is by far the best event I have been a part of. We had a great leader who led us to victory. Can’t say enough about my teammates.”
NBA Hall of Fame
Dallas Mavericks Coach
“The Crewe Cup is the best amateur golf tournament in the world. It’s like a Major for the amateur golfer. There is the Dunhill, the AT&T Pro-AM, and the Crewe Cup.”
Qualtrics Founder
Utah Jazz Owner
“Thank you for bringing me on the ride of a lifetime, that is the Crewe Cup. What a great group of guys you’ve assembled to compete with intensity, humility, and just plain fun. This group felt like a brotherhood in many ways.”
Former CEO of GoDaddy
“It literally doesn’t get better than the Crewe Cup.”
"The Crewe Cup is a total blast and has done a lot of good for a lot of people. There really isn't anything quite like it. It's the Ryder Cup for amateurs."
Tony Finau
PGA Tour Pro
“The Crewe Cup was everything people told me it would be. Was a privilege being around such wonderful people. You know it's a great tournament when everyone who plays in it hopes to be invited back."
Ozzie Smith
MLB Hall of Fame
“Clear the calendar if you get the invite. The quality of people, venue, format and competition make it easily the best amateur golf tournament around.”
Jerome Bettis
NFL Hall of Fame
“There is nothing like the Crewe Cup with its dramatic competition, deep camaraderie, articulate attention to detail, and life long friendship. I'm so proud to be a part of it."
Michael Peña
"I've played in a lot of golf tournaments and nothing compares to the Crewe Cup. It's been an honor to have been able to compete in such a prestigious event that helps so many young people.”
Julius Erving
NBA Hall of Fame
“When Mike Bennett created the Crewe Cup, he captured something the whole world seems to be searching for: perfect culture. Great synergy happens when he combines competitive people who have a core of kindness, playing intense match-play golf (which definitely produces nerves similar to NFL/NBA games) in the most majestic golf settings on the earth, with world-class swag and a team trophy on the line. It is the greatest amateur golf event on the planet.”
Chad Lewis
Super Bowl Champion
“The Crewe Cup is a first-class, unique experience tha I enjoyed to the fullest. Amazing guys, amazing hospitality, and a one-in-a-lifetime golf competition and experience that stands out and will stand the test of time."
Stephen Curry
3x NBA Champion, 7x NBA All-Star